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What is my baby girl made of ...

As I was working tonight I was catching up on my blog reading!  One of the design blogs I read had this post about grown up girls!

And I got to thinking ... what is Babycakes made of?  She is very sweet but by far the toughest child I have ever known.  She is absolutely beautiful and gracefully thanks others when they compliment her.  She is fearless and has yet to meet a stranger.  She is confident and thinks that she is fabulous (well, she is!).  She inspires me to be a better woman!!!

This is Lawyer's favorite photo from our recent trip to Florida for fall break ... (and yes, they are my sunglasses!)

I told you ... she is definitely something else!!!


eta ... I just found Babycakes drawing on one of my extra pads from my office.  She wasn't drawing pictures of flowers and people like she usually does.  No ... tonight she was practicing my signature she had seen on an invoice from earlier today.  And the scary thing is ... her copy is pretty close to mine and shes only 6!  Nice!!!  :(

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