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A fabulous fall day!

Lawyer took the kids on a hike yesterday through the National Forest next to the neighborhood!  The kids love to hike to the creek and Lawyer loves to take photos.  It was a win win for all involved!  He brought home these fabulous photos ...

I love fall in Georgia!  I will never forget moving to Atlanta in October of 1993 and really enjoying fall for the first time in my life.  Growing up in Florida the only glimpse we ever had of fall was not sweating to death in September and October.

The photos are fabulous and I just told Lawyer I love them so much he needs to take all three kids back today and capture our Christmas card photo! 

I will keep you posted!!


  1. Where did u grow up in Florida? I am from Jupiter but live near Tampa now.

  2. The Pictures are beautiful!! And I have to agree fall is one of the prettiest seasons!! I didn't experience my first fall until I was 24!!! And I love it!!




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