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Where does December go?

I love the month of December!  But the time flies way too fast!!!  One day I am presenting the kids with their advent calendar and the next time I look at it there are only 12 more days!!!  The down side to owning a business with a busy fall!

Every night I try to sit and enjoy time with my kids and reflect on how sweet this month is meant to be.  I am so thankful to be able to say Merry Christmas and celebrate the upcoming birth of Jesus!  But the time still flies by and before you know it another year will be here ...

Last week I was catching up on my blog reading before bed and I stumbled onto such a sweet post by the Blue Eyed Bride.  I immediately listened to the song she was sharing by Amy Grant and now I find myself listening to it all the time.  It is such a sweet song and one I will share with you tonight. 

We all need a silent night ... and here, thanks to the Blue Eyed Bride is my new favorite song!

Enjoy ...

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