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And the kids are out and about ...

They are sledding. throwing snow balls and playing until they turn purple ... and are having an amazing time!!!  Thank goodness for the cord of wood that was delivered on Saturday afternoon!!!  We are loving the fire!

Bundled up and ready to tackle the weather!

 Six inches ... wow!!!

They loved sliding down the slide!

We gave up dragging the kids up the hill repeatedly and found a great driveway!

She loved the boogie board until she thought the container lid would be faster ...

Which it was ...

But they loved the yellow board the most!  It was voted best "sled"!!!

And with the thick layer of ice on the road we won't be going anywhere for a while ...


1 comment:

  1. How cute! Snow must be exciting for your kids....up here we're over it. I'm glad to see their thrilled, smiling faces!



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