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Bottled water

I just ran across this interesting article!  I was shocked to see my favorite bottled water score so low ... and to find out that only filtered tap water scored an A.  I will be doing research on the best way to filter at home and we will definitely be moving away from bottled water!!!  It will save money and be so much better for all of us!

I was happily surprised to see Nestle score so high on the list with so many brands of water.  BFF's husband works for Nestle so I know he will be thrilled!!!  And since I must say I prefer Hershey's chocolate to Nestle I can now support Nestle in the water department if I need a bottle of water!!!



  1. I read that article yesterday and was disappointed to see my bottled water of choice scored a D. :(

  2. I saw that, too. Shocked! xoxo

  3. I never drink bottled water..always tap.. I hate plastic bottles!



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