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I heart Nordstrom!

I have mentioned this before and I will say it again ... I love Nordstrom!!!!  They have amazing customer service in a time where true customer service is so hard to find.  I love when they walk around the counter and hand me my bag ... I am thankful when they do not engage in conversations with other sales people while waiting on me ... and I am so happy when they smile as they take back the item I need to return.  Their return policy is so fabulous!  You bought something you didn't like or need?  Return it.  Did you buy something a year ago and it feel apart.  Return it.  Your shoes gave you a blister or your sweater makes you look heavy ... just return it.  (p.s. its probably not the sweater) I can not find anything I do not like about this fabulous store. 

Last night I realized that a trip I am taking on Sunday left me with inappropriate footwear.  It is snowing like mad and I will be spending most of my time walking outside.  I was not prepared.  I searched online for quite a while searching for waterproof warm boots and finally settled on a pair made by Sperry.  They are warm, waterproof and stunning!!!  I checked and found them available but I also found them cheaper on a different site.

I phoned Nordstrom this afternoon and ordered the boots at the cheaper price.  This is one of my favorite things about them.  I will never get tired of hearing the sales clerk say to me "yes I can match that price for you".  And why would I?

The only thing that would have improved the sale would be if they could include a large Ginger Peach tea and a Nordy bar in the box that will arrive Friday morning.   



  1. Ditto! A few years ago my son and dil sent my daughter a pair of designer jeans for her birthday. They didn't fit, so we called Nordstrom and they sent her another pair before she even returned the original gift. They were SO sweet about it, too. The customer service person said "well, we still want her to have her gift. We'll get those out immediately." Fabulous company. xoxo

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