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Friday thoughts ... what a week!

Just beware ... this post will most likely ramble ... I am still super tired from the last two weeks of moving and getting ready for our sweet Papa!

First of all some thank yous!!!

To my long standing relationship with Sweet Tea ... I know I gave you up a month ago and I had even stopped missing you and your amazing flavor.  But when I was in need of energy and a pick me up these past two weeks you stepped right in and did not disappoint.  And you didn't even complain that I had replaced you with a trenta shaken black tea no sugar from Lucky Buck.

To the BFF ... thank goodness you live in LA and do not mind long phone calls late into my day while I am attempting to stay up late and move just a few more things.  And thank you for keeping my mind of my chaos by filling me in on your upcoming move from LA.  We must plan one more jaunt in the fabulous city before you depart this summer!

To my in town friends ... you are my life line!  I would not survive the chaos without you!!!  xoxo to each of you!!!!  YaYa ... your pink lips and your daily twilly always make me happy!!! 

To my husband ... I know I tell you all the time that you are difficult (and you are) but I truly do love you and your support these last two weeks.  Thank you for steering clear of me when I was a raging lunatic and for handing me the tissue box when you saw me break down into tears over exhaustion and stress.  You are truly excited about having your Dad in our house and I know the work and the stress was worth it!  I do adore you!!!

To my new friend at Good Will ... I know you have loved our conversations as we have unloaded the Yukon these past two weeks but I must break up with you.  I can't come to see you anymore (atleast for a while) ... I have bascially nothing left to toss out.  Though I am sure when I recuperate from these past two weeks I will venture into the mess of the unfinished area of the basement and find some treasures for you!  Til next time ...

And to the suitcases waiting to be filled for our trip next week ... could you please stop stalking me?  I see you stacked up and taunting me.  I know you are begging for clothes and the like but I am getting to you.  Be patient ... I can not put you off much longer!!!

And to you loves ... thank you for your emails and your kind comments.  This has been quite a rollercoaster of a couple of weeks.  Your kind words and encouragement has been a huge lift to me!!!  I am as always grateful for the journal my blog is to me and for the outpouring of love I always receive in response! 


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