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The rast!

As I mentioned I have been moving furniture around in our whole house!  Seriously ... the only room that has not had a re-do is the 1/2 bath on the main floor.  Every other room has had the furniture moved ... things added and deleted and in the case of Babycakes' room every single thing has changed!

She previously had twin beds with wood Jenny Lind headboards and two small dressers.  I can not find a photo of the previous look ... I am sorry to say.   I will update the post if I can find the photo.  I decided since we were giving up our official guest room to Papa we would need to rethink her room.  Of course this idea did not come to me early on in the changes ... no it was the 11th hour.  A lot had to be thought about quickly!

So we packed up the twin beds and moved the queen bed and a long dresser from the basement.  The photo quality is horrid (uploaded from my blackberry) ... but you get the idea.

So then every single thing had to be moved ... either around or out to goodwill.  This green dresser is a favorite of mine and it made the cut to stay.  Once again I took this with my blackberry ... and the photo quality is horrid!

I then quickly scoured Garnet Hill and Ebay for the rest of the Juice Stand linens by Lilly Pulitzer.  I love this pattern!  Its fun and happy.  I bought the shower curtain about a month ago for her bathroom and absolutely love it!  

I got lucky!  On Ebay I scored a queen duvet and three extra shower curtains to use for panels and shams!  I mixed the juice stand pattern with these ...  

and this ...

And it is beginning to take shape!  All I need now is to pull the rest of it together with pink walls and some accessories ... add some bed side tables and it should be done!  Enter the rast from ikea!
This dresser has been the talk of the design blog world all week!!! The finished products I have seen are simply amazing!  They run $30 each and are begging for love!   I am thinking it needs to be glossy white with amazing knobs!  I promise to update you on the room when its done and post proper photos and not blurry tacky specimens from my blackberry!

Check out the others' finished products here!

Do you love? 



  1. Thanks for the shout-out! If you do a rast hack please email me photos - I would love to either add to the round-up or do another one! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  2. Def. do love! Excited to see the finished product!! xoxo



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