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Prepping the house ...

I am outside my box.  I do not like people working in the house and I surely do not like dust or mess.  I currently have all three!!!

There is a 20 yard dumpster in the driveway full of all kinds of stuff ... the garage is full of tile from our master shower redo ... the deck has been torn up and completely rebuilt and currently we have had seven rooms painted and the contractor just added another ... sheesh!!!

I am being stretched beyond my limits and I am embracing it the best way I know how.  I hope I have told each and every contractor working in the house how much I respect and appreciate them for their work and the way they take care of me.  One of the men working for us has been in our employ/friendship for nine years.  I adore him and trust him with my house keys and truly my life.  Last week when we were gone he would text me and give me updates on our Papa.  He is truly a great man!  There is no one else I would let in my house at crack thirty or let stay until way after dark.  Mr. Mike we love you!!!!

Photos to come ... but I will preface it by saying that a lot of our photos and beloved items from the wall will be missing.  The letter from the corporate agents came with all of our to dos and to dont's.  I have been taking down items from the walls and the framed photos and packing them as they work in each room.  Why not give the home owner a fresh coat of paint and freshly repaired walls in the mean time!!!

Hope your day is lovely ... Spring is in full bloom here and my back yard looks like the botanical gardens.  Love it!!!


1 comment:

  1. ugh, i can relate! they are doing construction right behind my building and i am getting so tired of it...especially when they start at 7 am on a saturday and wake me from my beauty rest, ha!



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