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The reveal ...

I have told you that Lawyer has taken a new job and I have been a little lack on my posts lately due to a busy schedule and now it is time to pull it all together for you (and for me!).

On Christmas Lawyer told me he had found his dream job ... he had applied to go in house for an engineering and architectural firm in Kansas City, Mo.  It was perfect for him ... all he had dreamed and hoped for most of his career.  He had a phone interview in January and one in Mo in February and all the while I prayed for him to be granted his dream job.  He would be gone four, maybe five days a week but all would be grand because he would be doing what he loved.  We waited and he hoped and I prayed.

On March 9th he got the call and they offered him the job.  The job of a lifetime.  More than we ever hoped for or even imagined.  More than I had prayed for ... it was a dream come true.  Minus one element.

His hope of traveling back and forth was denied.  He was asked to make Kansas City his home base.  He was nervous to ask me and I was devastated.  Leave my home of 18 years, our team of doctors for the middle child, our church, our support group of besties and family.  I couldn't imagine even thinking of the idea.  Even typing it now I find myself tearing up.  I love Atlanta, I love our friends ... how could I think of leaving ...

He looked at me over coffee for him ... water for me ... as I had given up all my vices just that morning and said ... "either we are all in or I must be all out".  I answered without even thinking about it.  We were all in.

And then it hit me ... God was asking me to step outside the boat.  It was clear to both of us that this was where we were supposed to be.  All of my prayers for years were being answered.  My husband had been offered the job of his dreams.  We were being given more than I could have ever wanted or asked for.  We were being immensely blessed ... but yet I was more scared than I have ever been.  It was time to trust God more than I had ever even thought I could.  I was out on faith.

I do not remember all of the days from the 10th to the 19th when I packed up Lawyer's jeep and set him off for the midwest.  I remember crying a lot ... leaning on two of the most amazing friends anyone has even asked for and all the while praying without ceasing.  I was scared, sad and overwhelmed.  Our entire lives were being turned upside down.  All the while God continued to greet me every morning with grace, love and immense peace in my state of shock and fear.

As I reported to you earlier I boarded a plane on the 23rd and spent three days in Overland Park to meet with a special ed team.  I met with the agent our relocation specialist picked out for me.  In three short days I was able to chose a trio of schools that was perfect for my children and narrow down my home search to one neighborhood.  Lawyer and I enjoyed three days together and I tried to envision my life outside our "home".

When I returned to Atlanta the real work started.  We are doing all we want to our house before placing on the market May 1.  As I said before we are being blessed more than I could ever ask for or dream about.  The contractors are amazing, the relocation team is above my expectations, and every question and detail is being handled almost before I can even think of it.  All the while I am praying without ceasing and trusting God to replace the fear and sadness with hope and peace.  And it is happening one day at a time.

Yesterday I drove myself and the three kids from Marietta to Overland Park.  Thirteen and a half hours and three stops. It was easy and the kids were amazing.  Once again more than I could even hope for or dream of.  We are here for the week.  It is a huge birthday for Lawyer and one more year for Little Mister.  And time for the five of us (well 7 since my SIL and favorite nephew tagged along) to celebrate our daddy and get used to our new surroundings. 

I will keep you posted on my week ... but here is hoping yours is divine!!! 



  1. I admire you so much. We've lived in the same house for going on 26 years. While I can imagine downsizing, I suppose, the thought of moving nearly 14 hours away makes me shudder. I'm praying for you. What a blessing already to have found schools that you feel good about...

  2. I wondered if this was coming. I definitely think the scariest part would be finding the right place for Little Mister and then the second scariest would be leaving my friends. It'll be easy for the other two to make great friends- kids are SO adaptable. But adult friends? It's just not as easy (coming from someone who left all her friends in another state last year!). But you will find the right home, the right church, the right doctors, and the right friends slowly but surely with God's help. What a wonderful opportunity for your husband! I can't wait to hear more about life in Overland Park!!

  3. God is amazing the way works in our lives!

    May God bless you & the whole gang for following his direction!

    Much love,

  4. I am praying for you all! As a native Midwesterner, I think you're going to a wonderful new part of the country! You will find midwesterners more reserved than southerners, but they are also stoic, hardworking, honest and true. Midwesterners historically have made their living off the land and their roots and hearts run deep. I hope your family enjoys this week! So excited for y'all!

  5. So glad you are seeing the pieces of this puzzle falling into place. And to have the school part worked out is HUGE - of course I don't have to tell you that. You will be great wherever you are. I have complete faith in you because you are praying without ceasing about this. xoxo

  6. Amazing story of faith and trust. All will be well you can sleep easy with that fact.



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