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Secret single behavior

It's really no secret that I love both People magazine and Us Weekly!  I prefer Us Weekly, or Cheaple as my BFF calls it.  It has all the great news and none of the stories that I find myself in tears over.  It serves as an out for me from the craziness of life.  I get to catch up on my celebrity dirt and relax on the weekends with a latte.  I love it!!  I read it from the back cover to the front and prefer to not be interrupted while I am reading.  I also do not care for Lawyer to disappear with my weekend reading material ... it upsets me greatly.  He swears he doesn't read it and yet I always find it in his usual resting places when it goes missing. 

I have not been to the market this week so no Cheaple in the house for the weekend.  So ... I just surfed on over to to catch up.  I thought I would share with you my thoughts on the stories listed on the site for the day ...

Jesse James ... complete and total jackleg.  He needs to keep his mouth shut.  Every time he opens it I can just hear his crazy words hurting his ex-wife.  Really ... can't you try to be a gentleman about your split?

Gwyneth Paltrow ... would love to be her friend.  She is adorable and I am sure a great friend.  She looks amazing in anything she wears and I would love to borrow one or two things from her closet.  I know we would have great happy hours together and the girls trips would be the best.  Love, love, love her!

Jon Cryer ... hysterical.  I love how he responded to Charlie Sheen calling him a troll.  Absolutely so funny and a great way to diffuse someone who is clearing melting down before the whole worlds watching eyes!  I hope that the new 2 1/2 Men has great success!

Jordin Sparks ... amazing girl!  Her voice is amazing and now her body is too!!! Wow ... you look fabulous!!!

ABC ... what in the world will you find to replace all of the shows you have cancelled???

Andrew Firestone ... always did love him.  Watched him on the Bachelor and was sad to see his relationship with Jen fizzle out!  He is handsome and owns a vineyard.  It is a fabulous combination!!!  He has an adorable family.  I will say his wife looks a lot like Jen Shefft.  Clearly the man has a type!

Hope your day is relaxed!!



  1. Love the name Cheaple! We all love to indulge in a little celeb gossip ;-). xoxo



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