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Just as soon as you give advice ...

I met a friend yesterday morning for brunch.  We sat at Flavor in Sandy Springs for almost three hours catching up on kids, my upcoming move, her upcoming birthday, summer camps ... and so much more. 

After chatting for a while she asked me if I was a yeller.  Do I yell at my kids, husband, etc?  And truth be told I'm not.  My mother yelled at me most of my life and I don't yell.  I don't like the way it makes me feel or the way my children look at me in response.  I have to be realllly mad and pushed to the very edge before I will yell at you.  But before you think I am a saint I have plenty of other issues ... pinky swear!!

We discussed this issue for a while and then moved on to other subjects.  I left her ran down to Phipps for a quick jaunt into Belks for some shorts (I had called Mint Julep and had no luck with the patterns I wanted) and then to Lenox Cupcakes.  On my way back north I stopped at the pharmacy to pick up a prescription. 

I waited in line at the pick up window.  I gave the tech my name and then waited for her to grab the bag and ring me up.  She informed me that it wasn't ready even though I dropped it off yesterday am.  Ummm ... wth?

Apparently the new insurance carrier did not have my correct birth date in the system and even though my name + a current prescription matched they would not fill the rx.  Ummm ... I lost my s@#*!

I yelled at the tech, I yelled at the pharmacist and then I proceeded to ring up Lawyer and yell at him for not giving them the correct date of birth.  Then I burst into tears and insisted they fill the rx without running the insurance.  OMG ... I am sure I looked like a complete crack addict needing a fix. 

Just as soon as I gave advice on not yelling I lost my mind and yelled loudly at a number of people who I have now called and apologized to and will receive a sweet treat next month when I go to retrieve said rx.  Holy moly ... the level of embarrassment was over the top. 

It seems if you take one mother of three + one father in law + two Jack Russell's + unlimited tidying + enormous stress with an upcoming move and subtract her daily anxiety meds and she will come UNGLUED!

Good to know ...


  1. It's the old saying "famous last words", right? Two weeks ago, I was at my friend's house. Her dog had an accident indoors, and I made the comment "Oh, that's what's so great about having a cat, very little cleanuo". Not two hours later, my husband called in a panic. The cat had somehow managed to shut the door to the basement where his box is located, and proceeded to poop on my new monogrammed duvet cover in our guest room! Everything came out in the wash, and looks good as new after a tedious afternoon drying the down comforter and ironing the duvet cover....famous last words!

    Not to mention, I felt SO bad for the cat! I'm sure he was very frusterated that he couldn't get his box! We plan to install a little hook so the door cannot close by accident anymore.

  2. Well, you are human :-). The good thing is that you made a little mistake and you're still as great today as you were yesterday :-). XOXO



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