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My week in recap ...

I know its been a week since I posted ... and I have a lot to catch up on!

Last Friday the house was listed ... we are officially on the market and ready to sell.  It looks amazing and I am very proud of all the painting and little odds and ends we did to get it listed.  The yard is fabulous and every time I drive up I see something else new I have never noticed before. 

Saturday and Sunday it was crazy with scrambling to get out of the house for showings.  Saturday afternoon Babycakes and I headed to Nordstrom for shoe shopping and lunch.  I left with two new pairs of shoes and she scored a new t shirt from Crewcuts.  We shared Yoforia for lunch and called the trip a huge success!!  After the mall we headed for mani-pedis and I ended up with a great manicure ... but no pedi.  After slicing my baby toe open in a mad dash to run the vacuum I was not ready to have any one near my feet!  Just picture me trying to vacuum in record time and then cutting my foot and having to finish vacuuming and clean blood off the new carpet.  Nice!  Showing your house is for the birds!

Monday I spent most of my day with a bestie celebrating her birthday.  I love, love, love her.  We shopped ... giggled ... shopped some more and then enjoyed the most amazing cupcakes.  I love you Mrs. Chanel freaking T!!!

Late Monday night ... too late really ... I headed to the beach.  I had planned to leave at crack thirty on Tuesday but after some unexpected craziness at the house I made a last minute decision to head out.  Stupid decision considering how tired I was ... but worth it in the end.  Nothing like driving thru an electrical storm in the middle of the night and being disconnected every time your husband calls to make sure you are safe. 

Tuesday thru Saturday we spent doing absolutely nothing.  The biggest decision I had was which sandwich to eat and should I start on the beach or at the pool.  I needed to relax more than I knew and I soaked in every single second of it!   The Gulf was better than I had seen it in years.  The water was crystal clear with no signs of jellyfish.  The sand was pure white and simply fabulous.  My butt sat in the chair in the surf for hours on end.    One afternoon we headed into Seaside for shopping and lunch.  So much has changed since we were there two years ago.  They have added more air streams outside the amphitheatre area and I must say I think I ate my weight walking from one to another.  I can highly recommend the grilled cheese airstream.  Every single thing I tried was amazing!  And please.  Who doesn't love an entire restaurant with nothing but grilled cheese sandwiches?  Of course Frost Bites is always good and my parents loved the BBQ air streams.  We all skipped out on the smoothie/juice air stream to take in Frost Bites.  I ordered the usual ... a small orangesicle!  YUM!

We are home again and I must say each of us looks sadder than the next.  Our beach trip is over and back to reality.  I am laying low this morning recovering from a migraine and heading back to my bed to finish reading The Help.  Love, love, love the book. 

Hope your week was fabulous!


  1. What a fabulous week. I love Seaside! My son got married there 8 years ago. We had the most fun!! Glad you got some relaxation. You've been going non-stop! XOXO

  2. I love that area too. We used to live in Destin. Grayton beach is a nice area to stay. Bud and Allies has the best margaritas ever!



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