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The power of suggestion

Clearly my evenings alone are wearing on me ... as my online shopping as hit a high over the last two weeks. 

First it was Summer is a Verb who posted about the Calypso Flutter tee ...
I can report that it arrived today and I adore it and its friends that came along.    I have already planned to match it with some red and white seersucker shorts for our going away pool party on Friday evening!  If Alice suggests it ... one must indulge ... right?

Then it was Sheridan French and her post on summer bags that sucked me in next. 

(courtesy of Sheridan French)

Wouldn't you fall in love with #2?  I sure did!  It arrived today and is even cuter in person than in any photo!!!

I should keep my spending in check before Lawyer lands tomorrow ...

No need to be in the dog house during his 10 days home!!!



  1. Trouble looovesss company...I too have scheduled all my shipments to arrive Babe's arrival home this weekend. I have learned my lesson after last Saturday's USPS Lacoste blunder. Guess I need to start paying off the mail lady too! Merci beaucupo for the shout out and so happy you love your Flutter Tee...XXOO

  2. Love the flutter. How does the sizing run?

  3. Oh you will look darling at your going away party! With all you've taken care of these months, I have a feeling Mr. Lawyer would be 100% in on your shopping. :-) xoxo

  4. Well you gals...I just ordered two myself. Perhaps a support group is in order.



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