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Happy weekend!

I am loving our weekend.  Lawyer is home for ten days and life is good!  The minute he enters the house and I see his smile I feel centered and at peace.  This man drives me to the point of insanity ... and at the same time is the love of my life!

The weekend started Friday at 4 with a pool party for the kids and all their friends.  Everyone had a fabulous time and the kids loved every second of playing with their best friends.  40 kids + pool + sun = 120 hot dogs ... just in case you were wondering! I loved the giggling, the smiles and the love they all share.  It will be hard to say goodbye to so many people we have shared so much with over the last 16 years!

Yesterday the kids and my parents took a trip to the World of Coke which just happens to be on my bucket suitcase list.  (Paper Girl says bucket list sounds like I am dying!)  They had a great afternoon and I had a nap ... perfect day for all!!!

Today we are quiet and enjoying the morning before church and then grilling and games all afternoon.  It is simply the perfect weekend!!!

I hope you and yours are well and enjoying this holiday weekend!



  1. Sounds like the perfect weekend. I'm hoping for a nap later, too!

  2. So glad y'all are having so much fun!! Happy 4th. Xoxo



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