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For every birthday you must buy an additional product!

I swear this is true.  I seem to acquire more and more each year.  Ten years ago I was simply using shampoo on my hair and bar soap on my face and my body.  When I turned thirty I visited the Bobby Brown counter at Nordstrom and purchased an entire line of face care products.  At this time I was now using shampoo on my hair and  face wash, toner and moisturizer on my face.  

for my face ... 
minus face wash which I am currently out of & adding Laura Mercier's tinted moisturizer which I love!!!

Enter conditioner and body wash.  I was a new woman.  Who knew you could feel so good after getting out of the shower?  This took the after bath Body Oil to a whole new level.

Then I decided to grow out my hair.  Hair Girl keeps adding steps and products.  Now my shower looks like the  health and beauty section at Sephora.  Not that I am complaining ... I am just shocked at how much I use know that I swear I could not do without each and every day.  

for my hair after its shampooed and conditioned ...
Thanks to Hair Girl for the salon quality shampoo and conditioner I adore!!! xo

I thought I was complete!  I had all the products shown above plus good sunscreen, good lotion and what I was sure was good anti aging creams!

Then I read this post ... 

And I was drawn in by this sentence ... 
The face, neck, and back of hands are the first places a woman shows signs of aging so take particular care.

And then I tweeted this photo to Alice for her advice!  I had not even given a thought to the back of my hands but when I looked at them they instantly looked old!

her response ... 
good sunscreen every day, moisturize throughout the day and retin A fades sunspots.  I am also big on cuticle cream 2x daily!

One visit to and I should be good to go ...

I will need to reorganize my cabinets to hold all my new products!



  1. What will you be buying at the Kiel's counter. I have always liked Kiel's, but maybe I'm missing a great product. We have used a sunscreen they have for skiing, plus a regular sunscreen that I have loved this summer. Shampoo and conditioner are great too.

  2. Debby ... I am trying out the Midnight Recovery Concentrate, the Super Fluid UV Defense, the Ultra Strength Hand Salve and lastly the Unusually Rich but not greasy at all hand cream.

    I plan on using the salve at night and the hand cream all day! We shall see!!!

    Sunscreen? Do you love?



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