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Pioneer woman = happy family!

Wow!  The chicken with tomatoes and garlic was amazing!!!  I did not eat the chicken because Lawyer did not bring anything home from the store without skin and bones .... but the sauce and the pasta was to die for!!  The smell in my kitchen alone was worth the effort.  It smelled like Bistro Lawyer!!!

The family loved it!  My choice for dinner finally earned the "gofer" title.  This phrase in the our house is a coveted title.  If your meal is dubbed "gofer" you have arrived.  Of course more than one of my children asked if it was take out.  I tried not to get offended!  

Hubs tells a story of when his parents were first married and his mother made dinner.  She asked his dad at the end of the meal how the meal fared.  He smiled and said ... "it tasted like gopher".  She burst into tears and fled the room.  He was confused.  He simply meant it was so good he planned to go for seconds.  To this day if someone states this meal is "gofer" you smile and say thanks!

I am planning to venture out with even more of her recipes and see if I can keep the gofers coming!  We shall see!!!

Today I am brewing iced coffee.  My teenager walked by, peered in and reported ... 
"it looks like a vat of poo!"  Nice ...

But he might be right ... let's hope it tastes like heaven!


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  1. I'm making this right now- I'll have my first glass in the morning, and I'm already thinking about it non-stop!



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