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Fall shopping list ...

I saw this list recently in Matchbook magazine and it got me thinking.  I know what I would like to have  ... but what do I really need for fall this year?  I am at the age when trendy doesn't always cut it.  I need to boost my wardrobe with some great pieces that I can use year after year.  That way when I add trendy each season I don't look like I am trying to dress beneath my age.  This is a true concern of mine.  

Ok ... if I look at the list above and check my closet ... what classics am I missing?

Shoes ... Riding boots
a classic black heel

Accessories ... opaque tights (need new ones for sure)
Black bikini ... notonyourlife!!

Baubles ... classic gold watch (would love a vintage one)

Tops ... long sleeve T (need 2 white and a black)
Silk blouse
Long wrap cardigan
Silk camisole

Pants ... all set!

Skirts and Dresses ... pencil skirt (or 2)

Outerwear ... Trench
Blazer (get season to pick one) 

Not so bad ... the classics are in this year so my list should not be so hard to complete!

What are you adding this year?


  1. I think I need to print this list and inventory my closet.... I don't even know what I have!

  2. This is a great list!! Thanks for sharing!! XOXO

  3. I always consider myself pretty classic but most things on this list don't mesh with my taste. So.... What I've purchased for fall: Free People poncho, high waisted flare jeans, a pair of red cigarette pants, and another pair of Old Gringo cowboy boots to add to my yee haw collection. So I guess I must be a hippy cowgirl who does still wear pearl studs.

  4. Jill ... I agree with your list so far. I would love a poncho ... I have my eye on more than one pair of bright cigarette pants and I was eyeing a pair of riding boots and a pair of funky cowboy boots. The cowboy boots seemed really high to me so I am thinking of following Hopsy's lead by taking a pair and painting them a metallic color. Love hers!!

    Miss you like crazy!!!

    xoxo mpm



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