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The order of the teenagers

There is clearly an unspoken order of teenager behavior.  Somewhere they read how to behave with other teenagers since they clearly all behave the exact same way.  Take, for instance, the bus stop.

Our teenager walks to the bus stop a half a block away.  He is the only person at that specific bus stop.  He simply walks up ... texts a few friends and waits on the bus to arrive.  If he is running a few minutes behind and is not confident that he will have this few minutes of down time waiting on the bus he asks me to drive him to another bus stop in the neighborhood. 

This bus stop is fascinating.  Without my teenager present it has three boys and one girl who consistently wait for the bus.  They have an order in which they stand and are very clear on who speaks to each other and who pretends the other does not exist.  

From left to right ... 

One girl
Large space ... and absolutely no interaction at all ... pretending the other is not even there
One boy ... friends with my son ... they talk and smile but no cutting up or crazy antics
My teenager
Small space but yet no interaction at all ... even though they know these boys
Two boys ... talking and laughing the entire time ... these two will definitely be voted class clowns

Today when I dropped off my son I said to him.  "You should make friends with that nice girl.  I know her mother and you would like her.  She is smart and funny.  I know her sisters name but I can't remember hers."  He looked at me and responded ... "I will not be speaking to her and I won't remember her name because I don't plan on asking her what it is."

There you go ... 

Clearly he does not subscribe to my philosophy of talking to trees if no one is around!  She and I would be friends by weeks end and I would have invited her to sleep over within a month!


ps ... in other news ... the Keurig lives another day.  She performed as expected this morning and was even void of her usual after brew spit.  Good girl!!!


  1. Personally, I think kids are rude and hateful these days.. We never acted this way growing up, specifically because we didn't have self absorbed, rude, keep up with the Jones' entitled parents. I am not talking about your son either... she's a girl may be his reasoning, but I hear all sorts of hateful things coming from 8 year old girls! Sheesh! Can't we all be nice! I am with you, I talk to everyone!

  2. Oh I'm like you. I can become "besties" with someone in the line at Target. haha - Teenager years are a bit awkward in the early high school years, but by the time they're juniors and seniors they start to resemble "real people". hehe. Just catching up on your posts. Love your post about the fair! XOXO



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