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Keeping it real ...

So this week has been kind of a bust for me.  The kids have early release due to conferences so I am only alone from about 7:30 to 12:30 ... which means I have to squeeze an entire day into just five hours.  I feel like they are in preschool again.  Well, preschool plus they stayed for lunch bunch.  Thank goodness it is just one week.  

My middle child does not do well on early release weeks.  He likes his schedule.  He doesn't like change.   I dread this week each year.  He is very confused and needs a lot of redirection.  Not my favorite week of the year either.  I will confess I had a beer last night with dinner.  Needed a little something to make it over the hump.  It helped ... then I got sleepy so I was out by 9.  It happens ...

Lawyer has gotten his travel schedule down to a system.  He is trying to keep it to an every other week thing.  It's working so far.  Neither of us minds the travel but the kids definitely notice him being gone.  He went from being a work at home dad for 18 months to an absent dad.  It was a tough transition.  Every time he leaves the house they think he will be gone for five months.  They are always thrilled when he returns five days later.  

I promised to photograph my Country Living purchases and share them with you.  Truthfully they are still all wrapped and in the bags.  I haven't had the chance to get them out and enjoy them.  I am however caught up on laundry and almost done cleaning the house.  I am considering a house keeper once again.  That was the first thing to go years ago with we needed private therapy for Little Mister.   I would love to have the house cleaned all at one time on one day!  And to have someone else change the sheets ... now that would be divine.  Although ... I may have to school them in how to properly dress a bed just like the previous housekeeper (my gay bestie ... I swear nobody has ever cleaned my house the way he did!) did to me.  

I am actually excited about cooking tonight.  I know ... my kids are shocked too!  Lawyer would swear I was lying to get something out of him.  We are having this ... except with turkey.  We have Frito pie regularly but I never serve it in the Frito bags.  The kids will love it!!

Hope your week is a good one ... I will be back in full swing next week!

Pinky swear!

1 comment:

  1. Glad the week is almost over for you! Cannot wait to see your purchases. And - YES!!! Get a housekeeper. Period. STAT. Hugs to you. XOXO



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