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A quickie questionnaire

I love to read blogs ... and design blogs are my favorite!!!  Last week I spotted this little questionnaire on Project Gadabout.  I learned so much about her in such a small amount of time.  It inspired me to fill it out for myself.  When I copied it to past in the post I apparently grabbed her font too.  Kind of like it!  Too bad I have no idea what it is called .... of course if it was a monogram font I would know it right off!
Here we go ... 

Guilty Pleasure? Anything sweet.  I love a trip to the candy store. 

I can't travel without? A pile of new magazines. 
Recent Splurge? My Louis Vuitton Neverfull
My go-to flower? Hydrangeas
In bulk, I buy?  Nothing.  I hate to store things.  Lawyer loves to buy all kinds of things in bulk and then I have to store them neatly.  Drives me crazy!
I sleep on? Two fluffy pillows and one to hug.  There is always a pillow between Lawyer and I.  I never feel like the bed is empty when he is gone.  
Comfort Food? Kraft Mac and cheese or an everything bagel with cream cheese and sliced tomatoes
For Breakfast? Cup of coffee and cereal or a Kind bar 
For Dinner? I love a big salad!  I also love Mexican and Thai.  Though ... suggest take out and I am up for it any time!!!     
Love/hate relationship with? Exercise.  I hate to do it but I love the way I feel when its done.  I wish I could remember that motivate me to do it more!
Can't Stop Watching? Right now ... Modern Family, Revenge and the Mentalist 
Best online shopping find? J Crew outlet on the weekends
Dreaming about? the holidays ... I love the family time and cold nights in front of a fire!   
Crushing on? Blue and green in the house ... I seem to be adding a lot of both lately. 
Every girl should have? Confidence.  Hands down!
My style in five words? Modern mixed with timeless and a dash of vintage.
I love wearing? Rainbow flip flops ... I am addicted to them!  And rain boots ... I love how I feel when I wear them!
Dream Job? Designer of any kind!  Though my current job of mom rocks!!!
That was fun!
Learn anything about me?
Happy Halloween!

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