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Another great year!

I love Halloween in our neighborhood.  It is nothing short of magical!  The entire neighborhood gathers in front of our house to parade to the clubhouse.  For about fifteen minutes you get to take photos and gather with all your friends and neighbors.  It is so much fun!!!  Then we parade to the clubhouse ... have dinner al fresco and then take off trick or treating!  

The kids had a blast ... the weather was perfect and they paraded, treated, ate dinner, showered and were tucked in by 8:30.  Nothing better!

The sweetest cowboy there is ... he tipped his hat while saying Trick or Treat.

The most beautiful cowgirl I know!

Posing with Daddy

A family shot ... minus the teenager who was already giving out candy at the house.

trying to catch a ride on the Daddy ...

... a rather short ride!

Hope your Halloween was grand!


  1. Love the costumes!!! Sounds like the perfect Halloween.

  2. Gosh! So darn cute! I enjoyed seeing these last night on FB, but just had to take another look! XOXO

  3. Very cute! Love the hat-tipping. Worth an extra snickers bar for sure!



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