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Gridiron Belles ...

There has been a lot of talk in the blog world about the new book Gridiron Belles and its adorable author!!!  I am excited to share that I will be attending a book signing today in Columbus and will get to meet this sweet girl.  Some girls and I are making the trek today to Columbus and this is just one of the things I am excited about!  

I am sure I will have stories and photos to share ... any road trip with this crew is super fun!  It does not take much to make us laugh intensely ... just ask the patrons at the Horseradish Grill that we closed down Friday night.  I know they thought we were all drunk when we left.  

Plus The Duggars have announced they are expecting baby #20 ... that alone will keep us chatting for an hour.  

Crazy talk!!!  Three kids puts me over almost every day.  Twenty ... that is a whole neighborhood.

Be back with photos ...
Pinky swear ... 


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