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We are so thankful ...

Thanksgiving dinner made two appearances at the Lawyer house this year, Thursday for my family and Saturday for Lawyer's.  Our families do not like to mingle.  It is silly.  And quite bothersome and absolutely not a practice I will adopting once my children get married!

I made one turkey, two hams, two pans of sweet potatoes, one large pot of mashed potatoes, one large pan of roasted brussel sprouts, two pans of dressing, gravy and three different kinds of cranberry.  We ate, ate again, warmed left overs, ate again and again and again.  And yesterday afternoon after church Lawyer brought home pizza.  It was time.  

All in all it was a great weekend.  The kids went to two movies, we played games and they roller bladed outside for hours during the warm days.  Lawyer and I watched two movies, The Dilemma and The Last Song.  Of course I cried during The Last Song ... I am such a sap.  I did accomplish a little shopping but very little.  I must, must, must manage that!  The kids see Santa this week so I should be able to get a good jump on it after that!  I hope!   

We all have so much things to be thankful for.  The kids and I made a list which I will share.  It is always so funny to me to hear the things they are thankful for.  At the top of MHM's list was God ... which makes this mama incredibly proud!  

I hope your Thanksgiving was yummy!!!


We are thankful for ...

my family
warm pjs
dressing and gravy
my grandparents
still living in Georgia
pie for breakfast
no school
warm coffee
ABC Family
Charlie Brown
a house filled with giggles

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