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A little post of pink and green

Did you see these gingerbread houses on the Lilly Facebook page?  There are two houses and each one is absolutely amazing!!!  Can you see the monogram on the door knob?  I die.

I am in awe of the creativity involved and the detail in each house.  Those trees, that snowman, the wreaths ... I could go on for days.

I sent the photos to the bestie this weekend who quickly responded ...

"OMG ... did you buy that for me???"

Oh so I wish ... although if I had purchased either of them I am not sure I would have been able to part with it.

So her next question was ... "Can we make a pink and green gingerbread house next year?"

Oh sweets, that's a tough one.

At least I will have a whole year to figure it out!!



  1. Lovely blog! Check out my blog and follow if you like! I'll follow yours back! Feel free to leave a comment as well! :)

  2. They're beautiful! You'll def have to make one next year!

  3. Those are incredible--I do not have the talent nor the patience to create anything that spectacular!



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