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Downton Abbey ... I heart thee!

My friend Alice has long since been referring to Downton Abbey as a most fabulous indulgence.  I was none the wiser.  That is ... until yesterday.  She had shared on Facebook that she was finally sitting down to enjoy the season premiere of Season 2 and I had yet to even watch the first episode.  When I inquired about catching up she pointed me to Netflix.  

Since I noticed it was available for instant viewing I put it off until the chores for the day were complete.  I could not have Don Draper returning from work with the kids unwashed, unfed and me hold up in our room watching hours upon hours of a period drama.  He would have flipped his 1960's lid.  

I held off until 5 pm when all else was done and I had minestrone soup simmering in the stock pot and was able to sneak off for one episode.  I had no idea that I would instantly fall in love and be sucked into the happenings of a Lord Grantham's house in 1912.  It is simply fantastic.

I did break for dinner, bath and books and then tucked myself right back into bed for another episode.  Or six. I managed to stay up until 1 am watching the entire first season.  Lawyer was convinced I had lost my marbles as he answered emails, watched NCIS on DVR and was snoring away by 11 pm.  I never stay up past 10 without a very good reason or at least a good nap under my belt.  

I had neither and am suffering the consequences today.  I am exhausted and suffering from a migraine ... though I know they are not related.  The barometer is all whacked out and my head and left eye are pounding something fierce!!

I have been out of pocket most of the day.  Not to worry.  I did shower, get dressed and make a run to Whole Paycheck.  I have dinner ready to be prepared, and after the kids are asleep I will be tucking myself into bed with a cup of tea and a warm blanket.

No Downton Alley for me today ... after watching the season 2 premiere this am ... I am completely caught up!!

You must check it out ... I challenge you not to fall in love!!



  1. It is really good. Have you seen The Tudors also? It lasted 4 seasons and is now completely over, but I'm guessing it is also on Netflix. It's even better than Downton Abbey...check it out!

  2. I failed the challenge! I have fallen madly in love!



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