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my365 ...

As always ... I find great things via the blog world.  My recent discovery was a new app for my Iphone called my365.  It is a free app that allows you to post a photo a day on your calendar to keep as a memory.  The blurb sells it as ... "One day. One photo.  Every day is a precious moment.".  I thought it was brilliant.  

After downloading the free app I immediately scrolled through my camera roll to chose the photos I would like to place on the calendar.  Since I downloaded the app on January 4 I did not have many days to fill in.  Once you add the photo you are asked to give it a title.  Easy enough ...

Jan 1 ... Happy New Year!

Jan 2 ... our amarylis

Jan 3 ... Disney bound

Jan 4 ... Organized again

And a few more of my additions ...

Jan 6 ... Happy Birthday!!!

Jan 7 ... Lawyer's formal

Jan 10 ... School resumes!

It is fun and so easy to use.  I will say more than once it has forced me to stop and take a photo of the day just to be able to add it.  

I think that is a good habit to have!!



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