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A wet but rather lovely weekend!!

It was our first weekend without Lawyer and to be honest, I was dreading it.  The weekends are so much harder than the weekdays.  So much more tiring!!!  To my surprise it went off without much more than a whine!

We started the weekend with a movie night at the school.  The student council was raising money for Must Ministries!  They were showing The Smurfs and National Treasure and selling popcorn and juice boxes.  Precious event ... great evening!!!  Saturday we all slept in ... absolutely glorious!!!  The rainy weather is wearing this house out.  Caught a late afternoon showing of Beauty and the Beast in 3D and ate fajitas for dinner.  They loved it ... I stuck with water.  Too much junk from the movies!!  I would rather eat caramel cremes than beef any day!

Sunday we traded church for devotion time at home.  It was just what the day required!!  After brunch the kids washed their clothes and finished their chores.  I snuck away for the afternoon and left the gang with a sitter.  A little quiet time and alone errand running is required for me during these long gaunts of single parenting.  And there is no better sight than returning to little piles of folded clothes.  Its like having a house full of housemaids.  Now, if I could only get a footman or three!

I finished up the evening with a quick glass of wine (or 2) with California Girl.  For me even the quick get togethers refuel me.  One hour of girl time does this girl quite good!!  I came home with pizza, tucked in the kids and finished my day to Downton Abbey.  I have said it before and I will say it again.  This is a great series.  If you aren't watching it ... you are missing out.  Absolute, sweet perfection!!

Hope your weekend was lovely!  Even if it did rain all day every day!  

It makes for great nap weather!!


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