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Allergies ...

So I came to the conclusion last week that I am suffering from allergies.  I sneeze a lot, my ears itch, I always wake up congested and my eyes remain swollen.  I also have been getting sick a lot and all of the illnesses are sinus related, with of course the exception of the "near death".  Every one in my house is allergic to something (aren't we all?) but I have never been diagnosed with anything other than food and drug allergies.  They all take Claritin once a day and for the most part that keeps it all under control.  I headed to CVS to ask the pharmacist which medicine I should try for myself.  The first thing she asked me was "do you experience inside or outside allergies?"  Ummm ... since I am self diagnosing I have no idea.  She recommended I try Zyrtec since I might be allergic to things both inside and outside the home. She said it would make me sleepy ... so take it at night.  Perfect, thanks ... have an nice day!! 

Last night I took the Zyrtec.  I woke up this morning able to breathe.  I wasn't congested and my eyes are far less swollen.  My ears still itch, but it is only day one, right? I could smell the coffee brewing and it tasted better than it has in a very long time.  

I am cured!  

Or at least for this ailment ... I am sure I have a lot more issues that need help!!

hee, hee!!


1 comment:

  1. Another thing that really helps me is allergy eye drops. I put them in in the evening when I take my contacts out and wash my face, etc. My brother - a pharmacist - told me about how much they help not only the itchy eyes but seem to help sniffles, too.



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