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Sicker than sick!

I have been dead dog sick now for five days.  The first day was just a sore throat and a cough.  That spiraled into a fever and a terrible cough.  Lawyer tucked me into bed and would appear every 4 hours with more meds and a new drink.  He tried to hold my hand at night but said even that was hot.  I slept under the covers and two extra blankets to keep warm.  He slept on top of the sheets and swore that my body heat could warm the entire house.  The poor man was only home two days and all he did was take care of me.  I am sure he was jet lagged but I never heard him even whisper a word or a whine.  

He left Sunday night after tucking in the younger two kids.  Then he came down the hall, gave me some more meds, a new drink and kissed me goodnight.  At 7:30 pm.  I needed the sleep and the rest to be prepared to handle yesterday on my own.  I ventured out to the doctor and the drive thru for lunch.  I know ... big girl!  Then I hit the CVS for more meds and a new box of tissue.  I think my appearance left the CVS attendant wondering where exactly I live.  I thought the big sunglasses would cover some of the scary up ... but alas I guess not.  Apparently if you are going to get the flu you must seek medical assistance within the first 48 hours.  After that you are left with healing on your own.  

Good to know ... for the next time I catch the near death.  

Ugh ... 


ps.  Props to you Lawyer for the amazing job you did this weekend.  You said all the right things, kept the kids at bay and scrubbed the house until it sparkled.  It was such a treasure to see it all tidy and clean.  I appeared in the kitchen yesterday morning and about passed out from the shine from the wood floors.  Wow ... you rock!!!  xoxo me!!  


  1. I hope you feel better soon! so sorry that you have been sick! xoxo

  2. Hi there...I am curious if you sell your monogram bangles wholesale...would love to have them in my shop! Hope you are feeling better...that flu is horrible!



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