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It is finally here

(Thank you to Facebook for this funny!)

This is me.  It has happened.  My child is way smarter than me.  And not just in some areas ... but almost all.  He is the family's IT department, resident baby sitter and has always served as our Jimminy Cricket.  Last week he fixed my iphone and then told me what every single button did that I thought was useless.  Last night he was reciting traffic rules and laws as I seemed to be breaking all of them on the way home from dinner. It's down right annoying.  Remember typing class in high school? ASDF JKL;??  HSM has never had a typing class and yet can type almost as fast as me.  How is that possible??

He has been invited to attend Georgia Tech this summer for two weeks to take engineering classes.  I tried to read the pamphlet and finally gave up.  I didn't understand most of the information he would be learning nor did I really care.  He understands it so I am assuming that is all that matters.  He has been watching the news for AP Human Geography at school each morning and I had to watch the real news yesterday just so I would be up on most of what he was discussing.  (The real news ... not where I get most of my news!)

I can remember thinking my parents were not very smart when I was in high school but turns out they were and still are smarter than me.  But I am quite concerned that I may never be as smart or smarter than my budding engineer.  

I will just have to be happy with him coming to me for advice on every living thing.  

Even if he does roll his eyes and answer ... "Seriously MOM?'  when I respond!


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