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Some time to think and evaluate ...

Of course when you are under the weather you get plenty of time to sit back and take notice.  When I had my appendix removed I noticed the master bedroom needed a complete overhaul.  As soon as I was recovered and back in the land of the moving I made it happen.  New paint, new fabric and even a new bed later I can report I think it still looks amazing!!!  I do think the ceiling would look even more grand painted a very pale blue ... but that can wait.  At least until the installation of the new panels I have been stalking on Ebay.  

This time around its the cleanliness of the house.  Or better yet .. the lack of!!!  With me not up to par the last week and a half the house is failing quickly.  Poor Lawyer has been putting in his 100% and more but papers from school and mail are just not his thing.  I do find them in the strangest of places.  I have been doing my daily straighten but the dust balls and fingerprints are planning their take over!!  Why oh why did I not take the time to hire the housekeeper when I was feeling grand??

Enter my friends in the blog world!!!  Two blog posts this week have hit home for me.  The first from Jenny at the Little Green Notebook about a cleaning chore list for herself.  Brilliant ... simply brilliant!!!

Here is the chart she made ... 

I love it!!!  I can straighten my house in a jiffy ... but its the dirty spots that get me every time.  I hate finding a hand print on the wall or fingerprints on the light switch or the worst for me ... piddle on the toilet seat in the  guest potty.  UGH!!!  And of course I don't notice it until someone pops in for a visit.  

I do think I need to invest in a small vacuum for the daily quick run.  We have a central vac which I love for deep vacuum needs.  Carrying 30 feet of hose from the basement on a weekly basis is tough ... not doable on a daily basis!!!   

The next blog I stumbled on to talked about locating your hots spots ... the places where things get dumped and clutter ensues.   For the life of me I can not find the blogger or the blog post again.  So my goal is to look around and find my hot spots and figure out how to better organize these areas.  My first guess will be the "mud area" at the back door.  It is no where near functional enough.  

As soon as I am back on my feet I am overhauling both the hot spots and my cleaning plan!!

Oh ... and hiring a housekeeper!


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  1. Are you better?? I'm so far behind on reading, etc. Yes, a housekeeper is a great future plan ;-). Take care! xoxo



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