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What a break!!

Our week of playing, relaxing and free days is over!

Part of me is incredibly sad to have the free schedule and a little part of me rejoiced when they were all gone by 7:45 am. It will be summer soon enough ... might as well enjoy the last six weeks of school!!!

The week started out so slow and laid back ... but ended with two birthdays, family and Easter.  It's almost hard to remember those first five days of the nine day vaca ... 

You know the kind ... wake up in the morning with nothing scheduled past the morning cup of coffee ...

When you can get a mani/pedi at 10:00 am and still have a bunch of daylight left to burn ...

when your afternoon entertainment consists of running and playing in the yard for hours on end ...

day after day!
(Seriously ... one old school sprinkler kept them busy for days!!!)

And evenings when sweet little faces snuggle up and beg for "just one more book please".

Sigh ... it was a good week and I am sad to see it end!!

Since the teenager was off the beach with his cousin, our "stay-cation" consisted of one baby girl, one birthday boy and two parents.  We had a lot of girl-girl time and they had lots of boy-boy time.  

Lots more photos to come, pinky swear ... I have them for days!!!


1 comment:

  1. Aww - what a good week! They are so presh. Did the teenager have fun? :-)



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