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Polyvore love!

Yesterdays lack of post brought to you by another IEP meeting for Mr. Special Needs.  It seems he is on a roller coaster educationally and this Mom is over the lack of communication.  Let's hope yesterdays two hour meeting gets us on a better track.  He has overcome so many hurdles with his education and its not until I sit through those meetings where we list all he still struggles with that I realize we still have such a long way to go.  Why must such a gifted child have so many road blocks?  UGH!!!

On to something light and fun ...

I just discovered Polyvore ... and I am sucked in already!!!  It's like playing dress up on the computer ... who wouldn't love it??  I started playing with it on Friday and immediately pulled together this outfit for my regularly scheduled Friday lunch with the girls!!

My shirt was a pullover from J Crew and a little darker but otherwise this collage is spot on!!

And then I was back playing on Saturday am for soccer and running errands ... 

Fun right ???

Oh and what to wear today ... its tennis Tuesday (MHM not me ... I DO NOT PLAY!!).

This photo is from my Pinterest board but probably will be very similar to my outfit today.  I am feeling a blue and white and sandal day.  

Hope your day is lovely!!



  1. sorry about "Mr. Special Needs", I take my neighbors "Miss Special Needs" everyday to school and adore her.. Onto the you wear them that short? or more bermudish.

  2. Thank you for your sweet comment. I do wear shorter shorts but I will not wear them any shorter than a 5 inch inseam!! xo



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