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Rainy day plans

The skies are grey and the day is very rainy!  The perfect day to snuggle under the covers and watch great movies!  Or, in my case to make a visit for maintenance to Hair Girl and then catch up with girlfriends for our regularly scheduled Friday lunch.  Then to rush home and prepare the house and the favors for WPM's birthday party which starts promptly at 5:00 pm.  I have to be ready to tie dye, bowl, make smores and host five boys for a sleep over!!  Wow ... I better have another cup of Joe!!!

To get myself in the mood for this quite wet day I will be wearing ... 

These fabulously bright yellow shorts from JCrew ...

my monogrammed black and white gingham button down and last but not least ...

my Joules!!!

Hope your Friday is dry and sunny!!!



  1. What good lunch places do you have in your area? Always looking for a new place to try.

    1. We have a lot in the area I love to frequent ... Marlows Tavern and The Fickle Pickle and Ceviche in Roswell just to name a few!! xo

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you!! I ended up wearing a pair of hot pink ones to add more color to my already bright outfit!! xo



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