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Heat wave!!

(via Pinterest and emailed to me yesterday from the bestie!)

We originally planned to spend the weekend in St. Simons at the King and Prince.  We were leaving Friday early and returning late Sunday.  I was over the moon.

Then the swim team party and the middle ones writing presentation Friday night changed those plans.

I was bummed!!!

So we decided to spend the night at Serenbe.  Take the kids, ride horses, pick blueberries, hang out by the pool and chill on the farm.  I could see it.  There were birds chirping and we were having an amazing time!  Great suggestion Lawyer!!!  

I called and they were completely booked.  Booked booked! Couldn't even get a pile of straw in the stable booked!!

I was even more bummed!

And then I looked at the weather prediction and counted my lucky stars.

(my car last night at 5:30 pm on the way to the movies with girl friends)

We would have been puddles of melted peeps on the beach and even hotter on the farm!!!

I am sitting in my air conditioned house at the moment incredibly thankful I did not spend buckets of money this weekend to sweat to death!!!


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