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Ellllll Camino ...

Lawyer loves an El Camino.  I swear its his dirty little secret.  When he was growing up his uncle owned a dairy farm and the boys were allowed to drive the El Camino on the farm everywhere.  The only rule ... don't scare the cows.  He learned to drive on that El Camino and has a huge affinity for them to this day.  If we see one anywhere he immediately goes into his story of the dairy farm and that beloved car.  

Recently on the way home from the Marietta Square he spotted one for sale.  Bright orange and completely hideous in my eyes.  Pure heaven to him.  He has talked about it for days.  And I secretly cringe thinking I will drive up one day and that bright orange scariness will be sitting in my driveway.   He talks about pimping it out, teaching the boys to drive and every time he talks he gets this little look in his eyes.  I would call it delusional, he would tell you it was joy.

Then I saw this commercial ... 

And the decision is final!!!

There will be no El Camino in this family ... I am 100% positive if he buys one I will be bailing him out of jail after he and the boys attempt the above!!

Sorry babe ... no go!



  1. Starting the El Camino and Bail Out account TODAY! Yee Haw. Lawyer

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Sorry ... the comment actually posted twice ... xoxo

  4. bahaha this is hilarious! I support your El Camino ban :)



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