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Go Gators ...

Love me some Olympics!!!  How can you not admire the dedication of so many athletes who sacrifice years of their lives for the chance to compete!!!  It is so inspiring to read watch the back stories of the athletes!!!  I always thought you had to start working on your sport as a young child to even come close to making it to the Olympics.  I am always blown away by the dedication and hard work some of these athletes put in after starting to train only a few years before.  What amazing dedication and commitment!!! 

There are 39 Gators competing in this years Olympics, 37 athletes and 2 coaches.  I am routing for all of them!!!

Of course my favorite might be Ryan Lochte ... what a cutie!!!  And to think he only starting swimming seriously his junior year in high school.  He is nothing short of fabulous!!!

Go Gators!!!

Go Team USA!!!!  

My flags are displayed on the front stoop in your honor!!!!


eta ... just saw a post on FB I had to share as well ...

Yeah baby!!!!  Go Gators!!!

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