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Bar makeover ...

I do love a room makeover.  I am currently finishing up the kitchen and dabbling in the den as well.  Just some new chairs, curtains and vases made into lamps and the den will be done. 

So ... why not start on another area??

(My dear friend M-A going to town on my bar removing the wallpaper.  She is definitely my favorite stripper!!)

Our wet bar looks incredibly out dated!!  The cabinetry is dark wood and the walls were covered with a dark vinyl wallpaper.  The opportune word being were!!!

I called in my favorite wallpaper stripper and she finished the job in record time.  She is one of my dearest friends and she travels non stop.  It is such a treat when I find a project in the house where she and I will be together for any length of time.  We met close to 14 years ago when I hired her to remove the wallpaper our old dining room.  She came for a week and basically never left.  By the time the job was over we were dear friends.  There is no one like M-A.  No one in the world.  I am am one lucky girl to be considered one of her girls!!!

She arrived at just before 11 and even with all the chatting and snacking we did she was cleaned up and gone by 5:30.  At one point in the day we were sharing a bowl of popcorn and watching trailers of movies coming out.  The day was simply fabulous.  If I hadn't gotten ill later in the evening it would have one almost a perfect day!!  I was secretly hoping she would be working for at least a week but since she has worked in almost every room in the house she said she was due an easy job!!  The walls just need some light patching over the nail holes and it will be ready to paint.  

I am so excited ... apparently I didn't have enough projects going on and needed one more!!

Looks like I will be making some trips to the QT for Diet Mountain Dew!!!


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