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Making sense of the madness ...

(thank you Pinterest!!)

As I shared yesterday our dear babysitter lost her boyfriend.  Very suddenly, very tragically in a senseless manner.  He was killed sticking up for a friend.  I have truly struggled this week trying to make sense out of God's plan.  I know without a doubt he will work this together for his good.  I have seen a community gather to support her and both of their families.  As his life story is told I can only hope those listening will cling to his purpose in life and too surrender their lives to God.  They shared a deep love.  He was a true gentleman with a beautiful heart.  His smile is something I will never forget.  

With each tear she has shed my heart breaks a little bit more.  I can not imagine the depth of the pain she feels.  I can not imagine walking in her shoes.  

As I have walked through this week I have clung to my bible and the verses that provide me peace and comfort.  I have made a album of my praise music on my I pod to continue to lift my spirit so that I may be available for his use.  One song has truly spoken to me which I am sharing today.  

I can only say one thing ... I will never view my life the same again.  I can only hope and pray I will remember this feeling when I am whining and moaning about the dumbest things.  May God bring this feeling to my fore thoughts to remind me to be thankful for each day I have been given!!


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