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Slim Shady

I have a lot of terms I use.  I am not even sure where they came from.  They are all pretty silly but they are me!!  When things are bad its "bad news bears"!  When I hear of something awful its down right "crap on a cracker".  When I am mad, which is rare, I am "going spider monkey crazy".  When I need just a little its a "tiche".  When something seems off its "sketchy".  And my most favorite ... when someone is less than trust worthy they are "slim shady".  

Imagine my excitement when I saw this on Mrs. Lillien's blog ... 

It's the exact vision of what I would picture Mrs. Slim Shady looks like.  A cross between Mrs. Roper and a modern day Mrs. Kravitz.  

I absolutely adore it!!

But I loooove everything about the Mrs.!!!!


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