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Weekend at the Ritz!!!

We had a perfect weekend ... but I expected nothing less from the Ritz!!  We arrived late Friday due to Lawyer's travel schedule and enjoyed room service in the room.  Nothing like a wine and cheese plate along with a Bourbon pecan tart to finish off the day!  When we arrived the fire pit was still going and families were enjoying their s'mores.  It was wonderful to be able to smell the fire from our room as we snuggled in with our room service.  A good night's sleep and we were ready for a fabulous weekend!!

Gorgeous morning ... started with coffee on the porch

followed up with breakfast outside and the best homemade citrus yogurt I have ever eaten

relaxed and smiling ... apparently the way Lawyer likes me the most 

he booked a massage and I headed to sit by the pool 

nothing better than a great book by the pool 

ok, well maybe a book, the sun and a yummy drink


after his massage Lawyer and I shared another drink and some yummy snacks before dinner


beautiful day gave way to a yummy dinner of filet and steamed spinach for him and scallops and grits for me ...

and returning to turn down service complete with my book on the pillow!!!  The Ritz does it right!!

Another wonderful nights sleep and another perfect morning!!

Our view ... the lake

the fire pit ...

the trees and the hidden pool ... 

a perfect cup of tea ... 

another wonderful breakfast ... I could not eat enough of the citrus yogurt!!


after lounging for a while on the patio it was time to pack up and head home!!

all packed up in the car ... 

and starting a new book ... 

We headed home!!!

I can not wait for our next trip to Reynold's Plantation.  It is possibly the most relaxing and perfect spot so close to home!

Until next time ...


1 comment:

  1. Sounds like an amazing weekend! It is wonderful to be papmpered sometimes!!!



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