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A new venture!!!

As I have mentioned too many times to count I am besties with LB Originals.  We met about 8 years ago and it was love at first site ... at least for me!!  Hee hee!!  We share so many interests and spend so much time together we know finish each others sentences.  Last night we texted each other the same thing at the same time.  It's just wrong!!

One of our shared interests is anything vintage.  We are known for heading our for the day to locate new stores and have more than once made it into a road trip.  We find some amazing things.  Our houses were filling up as were our drawers and closets.  We could no longer bring our finds home!  It was time to share this love with others. 

We are two gals who spend most of our down time running all over the place collecting vintage pieces and constantly redecorating our homes! We LOVE to find that ONE unique item and mixing our love of vintage with the new of today! Whether it be china, silver, toleware, lighting and more...we are crazy for the diamonds in the rough and will search high and low, fill carload after carload with all things vintage! We have been doing this together for the past 8 years and are so thrilled to actually be putting it out there for all you! ENJOY and grab it up when you see it!!

We hold a flash sale each Tuesday night on Facebook and what is left after the flash sale is loaded onto our Etsy shop!  We have found some amazing things!!  Some are great staples for your house (and bar cart this week) and some are more fun and great to add to your book cases or give as gifts.  In last night's auction alone I would say there are some great hostess gifts for the upcoming holidays!

Vintage ice bucket ... I love this item as a hostess gift.  I am sure your hostess will only get one vintage ice bucket and how adorable will her bar cart be?  She will think of you each time she uses her gifted bucket.  

This set of 6 silver and glass coasters is a great gift!!  Vintage coasters are one of our favorite finds.  They look so good sitting out and are so incredibly functional.  Wrap these up in a cell bag with an amazing plaid ribbon and you are set for a gift for your next party!!

This divided glass dish is stunning!!!  We love it for any occasion.  You can fill it with candy, nuts or crackers to accompany your dip.  Fill it with something your hostess loves, wrap in cello and present to her at the next  party.  You will certainly not be forgotten!!!

I love this silver plate basket.  The shape and size are just too cute!  It is perfect for every day use in a powder room or sitting on a set of books in a book case.  Fill it with some amazing wrapped soaps and gift it to your hostess the next time you are invited for the weekend.  I promise you it will be one of many invitations to come!!!

To view our items still up from last night's auction ... just like us on Facebook.  Then join us each Tuesday night at 8 pm for our week's finds!!!

We are so excited about Turquoise and Tartan!!  I hope you will be to!!


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