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Wednesday date ...

One of the things that I have learned lately with my grandmother's health scare and losing two people I know is to treasure the time you have!  Do not expect there to be a tomorrow since we are clearly not promised one.  My friends mean the world to me.  They smooth out the wrinkles in my life ... they provide me with endless supplies of love and laughter!!!  They are irreplaceable!

One of my long time relationships is with David.  He and I met my day on the job at Structure way back in January of 1994.  He was tall, blond, impeccably dressed and perfectly gay.  I adored him from day 1.  I had only been in Atlanta since October and knew basically no one.  We became fast friends.  

Fast forward through my marriage, his marriage, my babies and 18 years and he is still one of the dearest people to my heart.  He threw me a party the week before I got married complete with bar hopping and gay men galore.  He freaked out with me in the middle of Lenox mall when I realized I lost Lawyer's wedding ring after I paid for it and picked it up just five days before my wedding.  And I do mean freaked out.  I am positive he can take drama to a level only most women dream of!!  He changed my name in the computer at work so when I clocked in after my honeymoon my new name appeared on the screen.  He was always my first visitor when my babies were born.  He makes me rosemary shortbread each Christmas.  He taught me how to dress a bed the Ralph Lauren way.  We will be friends until the day we both grow old in the home.  Him always holding the door for me and carrying my shopping bags and telling me my shoes are fabulous!!!  He is the best and I love him dearly.  

His husband died of a massive heart attack last December.  In his grieving we had lost our day to day contact.  It was more than time to change that.  We decided on a weekly hair/lunch date.  He works at a salon in Atlanta and I go every Wednesday for a blowout and lunch.  I am his standing noon on Wednesday.  It is two hours of uninterrupted DT and me time and my week is better because of it.

I am lucky enough to see David twice this week and just when I needed some big brother love it popped up on my calendar.  His big bear hug today and compliments are just what the doctor ordered!! I might be a little giddy today!! 

Hope your Saturday is fabulous!!!



  1. you are soo right when you say you shouldn't take time for granted! and as always your hair looks great!

  2. oh my gosh, this is one of the most beautiful tributes to a bestie I've ever seen! You're one lucky gal...and he's one lucky dude!



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