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Inspiration is everywhere ...

Part of my daily routine is reading design blogs.  I love to sit with a cup of coffee after the kids head to school and peruse blogs.  I have my favorites on my blog roll and I get so excited when I discover a new one.  I find it relaxing and incredibly inspirational.  This week while I was knee deep in my blog reading routine I happened across this picture.  I can't recall which blog I found it on or I would credit it properly.  

There are so many things I love about this picture.  The mustard, the bamboo, the matching twin headboards made into a king, the garden stools ... I could go on for days! 

And then I found this picture on Brittany Makes.  And there are so many elements of this picture I simply adore.  First of all, her laying is perfection.  The mix of prints, even in the boots and scarf tossed on the bed make me swoon.  I am pretty sure Brittany rocks.  Like rocks my world.  

She made those X benches, not just covered them.  Made them.  From wood.  She is my hero.  Of course now I can think of nothing else but X benches at the foot of my king bed.  I will have to file that idea for the week after I finish the One Room Challenge!

After staring at her master bedroom picture for longer than I will admit ... I realized something.  I "needed" some fabulous layered shams for our bed.  

Here is a picture for your reference ... 

I love so many elements of our Master bed.  I love the headboards, love the duvet, love the Matouk bamboo at the foot ... but the shams need serious love.  Yes, we have euro pillows on the bed, but if you saw them in person you would realize they don't have shams.  Yep, they are just props.  I am desperately seeking more Matouk chocolate bamboo to finish our bed.  But after stalking looking at Brittany's bed I discovered I would be just as happy with a chocolate link Euro sham and two Matouk standard shams.  

After some Ebay shopping ... I happened upon these. Once these euro shams arrive and I pop a monogram on them ... I only need to find one more Matouk bamboo standard sham and the bed will feel complete!

Oh yes ... after I made some X benches.  

Its time to become BFFs with Brittany!


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