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One Room Challenge ... Week 2

Welcome to week 2!!

I am enjoying every second of this 6 week makeover!  I am in the process of redecorating our guest bedroom and bath. If you missed last week ... you can catch up here!  I will admit I was incredibly nervous to commit to and even to start the process, but now that I am two weeks in I am getting more and more excited for the reveal!  EEK!!  Now the hardest part for me is waiting ... waiting to work on certain items each week.  Typically when I am working on a project in the house I just work for a week or so until its all done.  Yes, I know patience is not my thing!

First, I owe you better pictures of the bedroom, then you can wipe the previously posted before pic from your memory!   No more flood chic!

Where I started ... 

Here's where I started.  Good bedding, cute lamps, like the plates ... but the rest just seemed dull to me.   Need a punch, some caffeine, something that said Guest Retreat!

I love this antique secretary, it was my grandmothers.  But in the new space I need a chair and possibly a coffee station ... something that would be a better fit for my Guest Retreat.  

These built ins get on my last nerve.  The people before us used this room as an office and his desk was on this wall.  When we moved in I added the bead board and painted it chocolate.  It was a good change at the time, however I'm done with that now and need it clean and updated!

Good wall ... but not great.  Dresser is too short and that mirror needs to go STAT!  My Guest Retreat needs a longer dresser and 2 fabulous lamps!!

Progress this week ... 

1.  I found two fabulous Ralph Lauren classic blue and white ginger jar lamps!!

2.  I scored an amazing vintage bamboo mirror from Details Atlanta for over my long dresser!  Dara was so great.  I just sent her my inspiration photo and she sent me this option.  And its perfect!!  This new mirror will give height and character to the dresser wall of the room.  EEK!

Also found that fabulous little crab print.  I am still on the hunt for a coordinating print to place them on either side of the mirror with my turtle shells.  If I don't locate one then he will find his home in the bathroom!

3.  I grabbed samples for the paint colors I am thinking of using.  The room and bathroom along with the bathroom cabinets will be painted next week. 

Bathroom cabinet colors ... I am leaning toward the darker navy, but we shall see.

This sample is perfect.  The wall color will be the second from the left!

4.  Picked up the completed euro shams!  

Already the bed has more pizzazz!!  

Perfect ... love them!!

5.  Picked up the completed accent pillow for the new chair!  

My upholsterer may not be speaking to me after all this fretwork, but it was worth every single penny!!  This is exactly the look I wanted for the room!!

6.  Scored a great chair also from Details Atlanta!!

Some paint and some new fabric and it will be the perfect touch!

Good start for week 2.  Once the room is painted next week I think the change will seem more drastic to me ... I so need to ditch the yellow/wheat color in the room that is making my pictures look like the room is covered in the flu!

Hope you love!!

See you next Thursday for Week 3!!



  1. Such progress!! I am so excited to see how this fabulous guest retreat turns out... it is going to be so BEAUTIFUL!!

    The Glam Pad

    1. Thank you, thank you!! I swoon over every single pic you post! Love that we have connected!!

  2. So excited for you. It is going to be great. I am dying to tell you about the most gorg paint blue paint color from Ralph Lauren called sail boat lh04a. It would look great anywhere in your scheme also yacht club or lake front for you cabinets! Love it all! Pillow is awesome.

    1. Just jotted these down on a post it and will be checking them out today before I commit. Thank you for the tip!

  3. I am in bamboo heaven over here. What great scores. I love your addition to the bedding, and your paint chips look really promising. Good luck.

    1. Thank you for your sweet comments each week. I am so thankful to be a part of this amazing challenge. I look forward to your posts and of course, your comments!! xo

  4. Lucky gal! Great finds and I can just imagine how fabulous this room will be! Can't wait to see more!

  5. Absolutely love your plans for your guest room! I am a blue and white lover too and those RL lamps are fabulous!!! Can't wait to follow your progress! You have fabulous taste!

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