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One Room Challenge ... Week 4

Welcome to week 4!!!

I am in the process of redecorating our outside screened porch and surrounding deck area and linking up with 83 other bloggers courtesy of Calling It Home!!  If you missed last week ... you can catch up here!!  

O..M..G!!!!  It's week 4!  This is panic week for me!  The porch still isn't painted due to pollen and maj rain.  But ... I will deep breathe and know all will happen in perfect time!  Once I actually post the pictures of all I have completed I will feel like I have accomplished more than I realize!

(Mary McDonald inspiration picture)

First ... after looking at the table I realized I couldn't make the umbrella idea work.  I would have to cut a hole in the center and then again thru the truss and there was no way I would get away with that.  Plus I am pretty sure it would look tacky when I finished it.  So then I thought about using the umbrella between the two chairs on the upper deck.  This way a huge problem for my attorney husband who will see that as a huge liability.  With no table to support the bulk of the weight, it would surely crash over and break something or someone.  And that someone always turns out to be me.  (Remind me one day to tell you about the beach this summer, a red surf board and a concussion) So, I returned the umbrella and the stand.

The bar cart arrived and I promptly added it to the teenager's Saturday am chore list.  He mumbled a bunch but 15 minutes later it was in the kitchen all finished and the trash was cleaned up.  

Win, win!!

Grabbed two of these amazing chairs for the ends of the table.  I love how grand they are.  Also scored two of those fabulous outdoor pillows for the chairs at TJ Maxx!  And I love how they look!!

Spray painted and then spray painted some more!!!  First it was this pot stand I got when I picked up the chairs ... 

... then it was these 4 chairs Tuesday evening that Lance said would "look amaze if those were blue instead of black".  So ... I stayed outside late and knocked them out!

Also painted this mirror navy.  I am working on adding some gold accents.  I will get back to you with that one!  If it doesn't look right I may just leave it solid navy.  But ... the mirror itself is amazing!!!

Got these fantastic urns from Target and filled them with Kimberly ferns.  I also planted almost every other pot I will be using.  I have three big ones left and I am leaving that up to my dirt loving friend, Maggi, to make that happen for me!

 I spotted this to-die-for pot at the installation of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra show house.  They are nothing short of spectacular!!!  I am hoping Maggi can recreate this for me!  And she is a miracle worker with dirt!!!

Let's take a gander at the master to do list ... 
(This weeks accomplishments are highlighted for easy reference)

1.  Paint the ceiling haint blue and the floor navy - 
 scheduled again for next - damn weather!!
2.  Clean porch ... scrub and hose!!
3.  Replace the small white sofa with a larger, more fabulous one that will be lacquered and recovered in the navy and white stripe! -dropped off for the lacquer and fabric makeover! 
4.  Recover all the cushions - navy and white stripes 
5.  Add a billion and one more pillows and a lumbar for the new fab sofa
6.  New server/side piece to hold the lamps
7.  Lacquer the new coffee table
8.   New lamps - those glass and gold are just perfect!!!
9.  Buy mirror for above server
9a.  Paint mirror
10.  Order art for sides of mirror from The Pink Pagoda 
10.  Bar cart
11.  Tons of blue and white porcelain
12. Create outside dining area - eating alfresco is my love language
13.  Get two head of the table chairs
14.  Returned umbrella stand
15.  Return outdoor umbrella for table 
16.  Extra sitting area on the deck - more places for entertaining!
17.  New urns, pots and fern stand
18.  Fabulous plantings for spring
19.  Plan a shin dig for the porch's coming out party!!

Basically when I look at the master list I realize I am down to painting, some planting and piecing it all together.  I can do it in two weeks!!!

Please pray for sunshine long enough for Felix to come!!!

Check out the amazing people I am partnered with ... there are such fabulous things happening!!!



  1. I am loving how your space is turning out! I think we are one of the few making over our outdoor spaces! Can't wait to see the end result!

  2. Wow. The chairs are fantastic. I love how things are coming together. Progress!!

  3. The end chairs are crazy good! Fingers crossed for good porch painting weather!

  4. I LOVE the navy and white!!!! Can't wait to see it all come together! I know it will be fabulous!


  5. Looking good. One word for the bar cart and end chairs- yeSSSSSS!!!! And I checked my trusty app: no rain until Tuesday!! It's painting time in the "hood!!

  6. The blue paint is everything on those chairs and love the planter inspiration. Praying for sunshine here. Lots left to do at my place!

  7. the chairs look wonderful! i can relate to the teen angst...but he rose to the occasion. those urns are really great too, dana

  8. I love your progress and those freshly painted blue chairs look amazing!!

  9. You've gotten so much done! It looks great! The chairs and bar cart are awesome!

  10. The chairs are amazing and I can't wait to see it all come together!

  11. This is darling and the planters are fabulous!!

  12. Fingers crossed for sunshine! Man, this is a ton of work, but it's going to be fabulous. All your chairs are great. And isn't teenage labor a wonderful thing? ;-)

  13. It looks great so far! I love the bar cart! Adorb!

  14. I love the blue chairs - can't wait to see the mirror! This porch is going to look great! I can't wait to see the big reveal!

  15. I absolutely LOVE that bar cart and the white chairs!! And the other chairs look fantastic painted blue... you have been a spray painting machine this week! Want to come over to my house when you are through? ;)

    The Glam Pad

  16. Those chairs are awesome!!! Our neighbor has a bench similar to that and I'm hoping there comes a day where she says "oh would you like it?" :) Doing a great job!

  17. Ah … love the chairs and the blue! I have no weather excuse, but it is still a down to the wire situation!! Know you will rock it!

  18. I love the bar cart and that mirror! Looking good!

  19. Umm. WOW! You did a ton of work this week and it all looks so amazing. I can only imagine how fun having cocktails out there is going to be! And why didn't I ever think to put my lego-loving, assembly mad child to work on assembling MY stuff!!! You are genius.
    Tricia // Suburban Bitches

  20. Let's hear it for teenage labor! The place is shaping up nicely. Love the furniture, bar cart, and the urns. Good luck this week.

  21. Love everything you've got going on! I enlisted my teenager to help me paint her vanity for her room. She 'helped' for 10 minutes until she almost ruined everything and I told her to get lost. :)



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