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The One Room Challenge is BACK!!!!!!

It's finally here!  It's been like Christmas planning and waiting for today to arrive! 

I participated in the One Room Challenge last October and absolutely loved the process.  In six weeks I transformed our boring guest suite into two rooms I absolutely love!!  I have chosen to once again participate in Calling It Home's amazing challenge ... this time transforming our porch and surrounding deck!!!  I could not be more excited to be participating again!  I love our porch ... but it needs some updating!  Its good now ... but it will be AMAZING when its done!
Let's start with the before pictures ... 

Love this furniture ... Its old Martha Stewart from Kmart and its amazing ... but its ready for new cushions!!

That side table was the stand from my Nana's sewing machine.  I love it and it will be staying.  Some more blue and white and it will be fantastic!!

This coffee table will be moved to the outside seating area ... I need one that doesn't take up so much room here!  And I want something I can paint to make a dramatic pop.

The view from the door looking in ... 

Our deck is HUGE!!! I plan an eating area on the upper deck and a new seating area on the lower deck.  I need to maximize my seating area since I love to entertain!

Seating area ... needs to be FABULOUS!!!

Space for the outside eating area ... this deck is huge!!

This area needs some great urns and pots!  I will be scouting Scott's and the thrift stores for some great finds!!!  And since I am dirt challenged I will be seeking help from my sweet friend Maggi for the planting assistance!!  It takes a village!

I am using navy and white fabrics with a splash of grass green!!!  I love the classic feel of the blue and white and I am adding in the green to coordinate with all the greenery of the yard.  Then I can add pops of color with flowers and plantings!  I am gathering tons of blue and white pottery to use in groupings for the inside porch and outside on the deck!  

(via Pinterest)

Cushion fabric ... piped in white!


Pillows and lumbar pillow for the new sofa ... 

And this one!!!  The fabric that started this whole design!  The steal of the century on this fabric made me buy it all and then sit on it to decide what I wanted to use it for!  And then it hit me one warm Sunday.  This fabric was meant for my porch!!!

 I love this sofa.  It was originally in the Greenbriar in West Virginia and I scored it at a local antique store.  Its a great piece and I love it ... but I will relocate it to the outside seating area.  I am moving another amazing piece in here.  I need something that will hold more peeps and allow me to lay down and read (or snooze).

I am hunting a fabulous faux bamboo piece for this area ... I think I have one nailed down, but we shall see!!

I have my eye on these lamps from Target and the shades are FIERCE ... but I would need a little DIY to make sure the shades were ok for outside use.  I would need two of these for the sideboard.  

New coffee table ... lacquer color TBD!

Mirror inspiration ... I love this one but I may have missed out on scoring it ... so a DIY may be in order! 

These are a DEFINITE score.  I purchased art from The Pink Pagoda for the last ORC and I absolutely love her!!  These would be perfect in sets of 2 on each side of my new mirror.  I have them favorited in her Etsy shop and can't wait to get them in my hot little hands!

And now my plan ...

1.  Paint the ceiling haute blue
2.  Score a new fabulous screen door ... something to serve as some eye candy!
3.  Replace the small white sofa with a larger, more fabulous one that will be lacquered and recovered in the navy and white stripe!
4.  Recover all the cushions - navy and white stripes
5.  Add a billion and one more pillows and a lumbar for the new fab sofa
6.  New server/side piece to hold the lamps - faux bamboo in the works
7.  Lacquer the new coffee table ... color TBD
8  New lamps - those glass and gold are just perfect!!!  
9.  Bar cart
10.  Tons of blue and white porcelain
11.  Create outside dining area - eating alfresco is my love language
12.  Extra sitting area on the deck - more places for entertaining!
13.  New urns, pots and fern stands and fabulous plantings for spring
14.  Plan a shin dig for the porch's coming out party!!

I am so excited to get started!  That haute blue porch will be my starting place.

I can't wait to see who all is linked up this time ... Here are the remaining linking partners!
Of course I am so excited to be sharing this ORC with my dear friend Lance!!!  He is tackling his master bedroom and his before and afters are sure to be nothing short of AMAZING!!!!

Stay tuned for next Thursday!!



  1. I am excited to see another outdoor space participate in the ORC!! Can't wait to see what you do with your porch :) I am making over our deck.

  2. I love those lamps from Target. Your plan looks great!

  3. This looks like it is going to be fabulous. Will enjoy following this one. Don't be scared if the next time I visit my old stomping ground you come home to find me on your back deck with a cocktail in hand enjoying that new outdoor space.

  4. Whoa, gorgeous plans! I love navy and white and this looks amazing. I'm doing a facelift on my builders ugly kitchen. Yikes! 6 weeks will fly, right?

  5. Hi Paige, wow you do have a HUGE outdoor area to be working with. I love outdoor rooms and I can't wait to watch this one. Thanks for joining.

  6. I love the color scheme am I must say, I am a bit envious of all that outdoor space. It looks like a great place to hang out.

  7. What perfect timing for a porch makeover! Of course I'm loving all of the blue and white goodness - it will be great!

  8. Your entire outdoor space is fabulous...and will be more so when you're finished!

  9. Loving all your fabric choices!! You have such a huge outdoor space, jealous!

  10. Lovvvvveee your fabrics!!! And that lamp. Would love to have that big usable outdoor space. Following along!

  11. Wow, this is a lot of space to work with! At first I was worried and then I scrolled down and saw your decision...OMG!!! Love the fabrics, those lamps and the color choices. I am beyond excited to see how this turns out!

  12. Oh, wow!!! This is going to be soooo good!!! I love, love, LOVE all the blue and white! I'm going to be decorating our patio soon, so I plan on picking up some great tips from you here! And I'm dying that you have a sofa from the Greenbrier!!! That is so cool!! I am so excited to follow along!

    The Glam Pad

  13. Love that fabric and the Target lamps!! Looking forward to following along! :)

  14. Love your color palate! Can't wait to the the progress!!

  15. I love outdoor spaces!! Can't wait to follow along and watch your transformation!

  16. Oh good! Another outdoor space!! :) love the plans so far! Can't wait to see!


  17. Such an incredible space to work with!!! Can't wait to see it all come together! I know it will be FAB!


  18. This is going to be so pretty. I love that you're doing an outdoor space...especiallly since it's warming up and I just want to be outside.

  19. I LOVE a well decorated porch & I love your plans! I finished ours last year and wee use our screen porch ALL the time! Looking forward to watching this transformation!

  20. I love that you're doing this outdoor space and soooo thrilled you're adding my prints! I love the idea of blue and white with green -- it will be gorgeous and I can't WAIT to see : )

  21. That's an ambitious list but worth the effort. Your selections are fab!!

  22. Love the plan girl! Can't wait for this one to come alive....

  23. I'm love love loving this plan!! You are gonna rock this!



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