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One Room Challenge ... week 5

Welcome to week 5!!

I am in the process of redecorating our outside screened porch and surrounding deck area and linking up with 83 other bloggers courtesy of Calling It Home!!  If you missed last week ... you can catch up here!!  

Here is my inspiration picture from the amazing Mary McDonald!!  

I didn't get a lot done this week but honestly there isn't a lot left to do.  

Here are some highlights for you ... 

The couch was lacquered and is at the upholsterer.  I will pick it up next Wednesday am!!

Navy and white stripe with solid navy piping!  So excited about this piece!!!

Picked up the rest of the pillows and cushions.  I can't stop staring at them!  It's such a good change and the clean colors make me sooo happy!!!

Hung the mirror, the plates and just waiting for my Pink Pagoda prints to arrive!!! 
So happy with the walls!

Scored this AH-MAZING over the top side board from the fantastic Parker Kennedy Living.  Its so amazing I can't believe its mine.  It looks so good with my lamps and blue and white ... EEK ... you will love next week!

Cleaned and scrubbed and blew off the porch and deck.  And I am sure I will have to do it all again!  The painter came yesterday and the porch is set to be painted TODAY at 10:00 am.  Nothing like squeezing it all in the last minute.  But ... it is the only thing left beside staging it all.  

Here is the master list ... 
(This weeks accomplishments are highlighted for easy reference)

1.  Paint the ceiling haint blue and the floor navy
 scheduled for 10 am today - ugh this crazy weather!! 
 Praying for sunny weather so it will dry nicely!
2.  Clean porch ... scrub and hose!!
3.  Replace the small white sofa with a larger, more fabulous one that will be lacquered and recovered in the navy and white stripe! -dropped off for the lacquer and fabric makeover! 
4.  Recover all the cushions - navy and white stripes 
5.  Add a billion and one more pillows and a lumbar for the new fab sofa
6.  New server/side piece to hold the lamps
7.  Lacquer the new coffee table
8.   New lamps - those glass and gold are just perfect!!!
9.  Buy mirror for above server
9a.  Paint mirror
10.  Order art for sides of mirror from The Pink Pagoda 
10.  Bar cart
11.  Tons of blue and white porcelain
12. Create outside dining area - eating alfresco is my love language
13.  Get two head of the table chairs
14.  Returned umbrella stand
15.  Return outdoor umbrella for table 
16.  Extra sitting area on the deck - more places for entertaining!
17.  New urns, pots and fern stand
18.  Fabulous plantings for spring
19.  Pick up completed sofa and monogrammed pillows
20.  Install all pieces
21.  Plan a shin dig for the porch's coming out party!!

Next week will be a photo heavy post ... but I think you will agree it will be sooo worth it!!

Check out the amazing people I am partnered with here ... there are such fabulous things happening!  I get so excited to be able to check in with all the other linking partners.  So many of them have blown my doors off each week!

See you next week for the reveal!!



  1. Looking good! Can't wait for the reveal!

  2. Cannot wait to see this come together! My next project is an old shed in the back yard that I cannot bear to send to the landfill! It is just real pretty on the outside. I will be converting the inside into an outdoor living space and welcome the inspiration! I can only imagine how awesome that sofa will look when it is finished :) Maureen @

  3. That sideboard and the pillows! Love. Can't wait to see it all:)

  4. Can't wait to see it when its finished! It's going to be beautiful!

  5. The navy and blue are gorgeous! I love it. Your couch is going to look great to, the curves are so pretty!

  6. Love every detail. Excited I got a sneak peek yesterday :-). xo

  7. Love all the blue & white! Great sneak peek of the couch! Fingers crossed for you against rain!

  8. Oh my word! That sideboard is giving me serious envy! The sofa has amazing lines! Can't wait to see this all finished! I can already tell you've knocked it out of the park!


  9. Looking forward to seeing the finish next week! So exciting!

  10. This is just so gorgeous. The sofa? Hello!! love. And the side piece from PKL is indeed breathtaking. ;-)

  11. Paige ... this is looking so fantastic! Your so talented! That mirror is off the charts with those plates!
    XOXOXO Lance

  12. I can't wait to see the sofa! I love the colors! Sooo looking forward to seeing this room next week!

  13. That sideboard is amaze. Can't wait to see the final reveal.

  14. Cannot wait to see that couch! Good luck.

  15. Looking fabulous!! I want that sideboard when you have tired of it! ;) Can't wait to see the final reveal! Love being a new follower too!!

  16. So intrigued by that sofa! Looks like it's all coming together for you. Looking forward to Thursday!!



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