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Inspiration du jour ... Fresh Flowers

(flowers from a PKL photo shoot)

Happy Monday!  

I start out each week with trip to the flower section of the market to add flowers to the house.  I am sure its an expense we don't need ... however, its so important to me.  I will give up dinners out and date nights outside the house for flowers in my world!


There are certain places in the house I just feel like needs flowers.  This is my bedside table which is hands down the first place they need to be.  I love waking up and falling asleep next to flowers!

The vase doesn't really matter to me ... although a collection of these would be simply divine!

I have a plan for the yard and a butt load of hydrangeas is high on my list.  We planted a row of them a few years ago and I didn't factor in the sun factor.  They fried like bacon in a pan.  Bad news bears!

Second required place in the house ... the foyer!  I just love walking in the front door and being greeted by flowers!  

Roses are my first choice ... 

And any pink, orange, or yellow will do perfectly.  I have begun to mix them and this is my favorite way to use them!

Sunflowers are another very happy flower for me.  How can you not love that amazing spread of yellow goodness?  The yellow centers are my favorite!  Hard to find but so well worth the hunt!!

My friend Lance introduced me to mixing roses and it was a great lesson.  These flowers are from his Minted photo shoot.  Love them in this brass vase!  Its such a great vase with a bamboo edge.  To, die, for!

Fresh flowers just brighten my spirit.  My nana didn't like flowers in the house, it made her feel like she was attending a funeral.  I personally can't get enough of them.  The foyer, the powder room, the bedside table, the guest room when we have guests, the den ... really any where and every where!

And I love that my friends know that flowers make me happy!  This was on my doorstep two years ago when I was sick.  She texted me and told me to check my doorstep.  The best feeling ever to bend down and find these amazing flowers smiling back at me!  Pure love and much needed on that day. 

Happy Monday!

I am sending each and every one of you a virtual happy on your doorstep! 



  1. Me too!! Flowers just make everything better. I too will give up other treats to have fresh flowers in my home. Lucky for me, my hubby agrees. As for the, most need lots of shade. However, some varieties can take a bit more sun. Just need to ask at the nursery. Limelights do well in the sun. We have two in our front yard near the porch, they get sun but a bit protected by the porch and fence. We just put them in last summer and they are HUGE!!

  2. They are all so beautiful!!!



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